Saturday, March 21, 2009

Second transfer of political prisoner sentenced to 10 years to 209

There has been reports indicating the clandestine transfer of a political prisoner Saleh Kohandel, to the notorious 209 Evin's prison, and also of constant torture of prisoners in that section, which has worried their relatives immensely.

Prison agents transferred Mr. Kohandel suddenly on 18 March (only a day before the Iranian new Year) from section 4 to the death cells of 209 section, never announcing reasons for this transfer. It is almost certain that he is going to pass the New Year under torture and interrogation.

Mr.Kohandel was arrested on 6 March 2007 on the streets by intelligence Ministry agents. During his house search, all windows were smashed and his things were ransacked his written papers taken. He went under harsh and intense interrogation for at least 6 months and later sent to 209 after which he was transfer to public ward of 350 in Evin and again transferred to Rajayee shahr prison of Karaj.

His friends say Mr.Kohandel was sentenced was issued in a closed court, which only took a couple of minutes, for instigation against national security.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mysterious death of a bloger in Evin

Omidreza Mir Sayafi, journalist and bloger, has died for unknown reasons in Evin prison.

On 6 March last, another political prisoner called Amir Saran also died under similar circumstances in Rajaii Shahr prison of Karaj. His death had deeply touched other prisoners.

Human Rights activists in Iran had previously reported that Omidreza Mir Sayafi, 28 years old was spending time in prison for "insulting sacred values". It is reported that he had last been removed to prison clinic on the morning of the 8 March this year, while his conditions became critical. It is not clear what had passed in the clinic but inmates have reported that had been suffering a considerable psychological pressure with no medical treatment.

Prison and judicial officials have not commented in this case so far, while his attorney has confirmed the death in prison of his client Mohammad Ali Dadkhah.

Dr.Hessam Firouzi who was Doctor to several political prisoners, has been imprisoned in Evin on charges of attempting against National security. It is said that he has on many instances asked and insisted on the transfer of Mr. Sayafi to hospital but his request was met with reluctance by prison officials, which lead to the death of this prisoner. It is therefore clear that the death of Mr.Mir Sayafi has been due to "incompetence and medical disregard" of Evin prison authorities.

Mr.Firouzi adds; "according to my professional view, Omidreza Mir Sayafi was deeply depressed and prison conditions would have been unbearable for him."

"The prison Doctors were even reluctant to have his blood pressure and primitive medical test done. Every thing was done because of my persistence at every step of the way" explained Dr.Firouzi.

Omidreaza's blogs were mostly on music ands culture, where as he was charged with "Insulting Ayatollah Khomeini and Khamenei" as well as inciting against national security for a 2 year prison term by the 15 Branch of Tehran revolution court.

He also had a second open case in the general prosecutors' office in Tehran for "insulting sacred values", and was supposed to be heard in the month of May to come.

Iran has one of the highest records in arresting blogers for contents of their blogs.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mohammad Ehsani charged for “soft overthrowing”

Mohammad Ehsani, born in 1964, student of linguistics and member of documentary film production of Iran, has been imprisoned for the past 8 months in Evin prison. His name is the forth in a group of people who are charged with “soft overthrowing” by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Prior to this Alireza Jamshidi, Iranian judiciary spokesman had announced Alaii brothers charges to have been co-operating with the United States to topple the Islamic Republic, and had been sentenced to repeatedly six and three years imprisonment and financial penalty. He had not announced the third person charged but had referred to his sentence to have been 3 years of imprisonment.

Mohammad Eshani had been invited by Asian Association of New York and 5 other film centers in five US states, to exhibit his work in April 2005. His work was met with much enthusiasm. It is said that he was arrested unexpectedly during his wedding ceremony on 6 July 2008 in Tehran and sent to Evin prison. The same report also indicated that Mr.Ehsani has spent all his 8 month detention in solitary confinement while his situation was not mentioned by the media.

It is not clear, where and when his court has been held and if he was allowed an attorney, however he has been charged with co0operatiing with the United States for 3 years imprisonment.

IRNA state media, on 30 MAY 2008, reported the production of a film on Iranian music by Mr.Ehsani at the request of the New York Asian association, and the US Metropolitan Museum. This film was to be showed first at the inauguration of the Iranian art and culture beginning with Iranian music at its centre in New York. Reports indicate that the film was the request of sate Iranian Cultural Heritage and tourism and it was confirmed after visit of the Asian Associations delegation and US Metropolitan Museum to Iran.

It appears that the formal cultural transactions made under the supervision of the President had been part of charges of “soft overthrow brought onto Mr. Ehsani

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mysterious death of Political prisoner

Amir Heshmat Saran, political prisoner of Rajaii shahr prison in Karaj, dies mysteriously on March 6, after he was transferred to hospital for brain damage.

His sudden death has been confirmed by his family.

The reasons of his death are claimed to be brain hemorrhage, but according to Human Right activists, experience with mysterious deaths of other political prisoners makes Mr. Saran's death a suspicious one.

Amir Saran was arrested in 2004 for founding a group named "National United Front", and was finally sentenced to 16 years imprisonment by Karaj Court.

He was spending his fifth year of imprisonment in Rajaii Shahr prison during which he was only allowed out once after which he was once again arrested and transferred to prison. He had announced in an interview "Since I am not guilty , I shall not go to prison"

Deputy Prosecutor says Roxana Saberi will be released

Hassan Haddad, deputy Public Prosecutor of Tehran, referring to US-Iranian journalist Raxsana Saberi's case in the 2nd enquiry branch said: "We have processed an investigation on her and she will be released in a couple of days".

Judicial authorities have neither announced charges adhered to Ms. Saberi nor details of her arrest, but it appears her engagement in providing news for US media has been the basic reason for here detention.

Roxans' father, Mr. Saberi in an interview with Radio NPR had explained the last telephone contact with his daughter from 209 Evin Prison.

Roxana Saberi , 31, had traveled to Iran six ears prior to her arrest as a journalist working for the NPR and some other news media.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Family denied of their beloved ones corps

On the early hours of Saturday morning 2009, Mehdi Ghassemzadeh , a follower of the "Ahle Hagh" dervishes, was executed on charges of blasphemy, in Urumieh prison.

Neither his arrest, charges nor imprisonment were officially announced by authorities, but it is claimed that Mr.Ghassemzadeh was arrested when he was wounded in an armed clashe with the police in "Ojtapeh" ( A district in Urumieh) . He had been in prison for 4 years till his execution.
His family was denied the corps of their son, and was told to peruse the matter with the Intelligence Ministry.

It is worth noting that three others who shared the same case, sentenced to be hanged have now received a thirteen year prison sentence. These individuals are: ShahandAli Mohammadi, BakhshAli Mohammadi, Ebadollah Ghassemzadeh.

All three are members of the "Atashgera" (Fire lenient) sect in "Ojtapeh" district and have been reported to have been tortured in prison.

According to Azerbaijan websites following news on political prisoners, all three individuals have been on hunger strike in protest to Mr.Ghassemzadehs's sentence for execution.

Parallel to the hanging of Mr.Ghassemzadeh, Human Right activists are expressing concern on the possible hanging of another follower of the dervishes ; Youness Aghayan in the following days.

Four Student activists arrested in Tehran

Early morning of March 1st, 2009, four students affiliated with the leftist "Freedom and Equality seeking Students" movement were arrested by Intelligence Ministry agents and are reported to have been transferred to Evin prison.

The situation of these students is not yet clear but, there is concern that they will face persecution or solitary confinement.

Student committee of Human Rights Reporters has announced these students to be as follow: Sanaz Allahyari, Nassim Roshanayee, Maryam Sheikh and AmirHossein Mohammadi. This report has been confirmed by their families.

It is also reported that other students seeking freedom and democracy have also been amongst those arrested.

Prior to this purge, two other students affiliated with the same movement had been arrested in two different cities on 12 February 2009. Mohammad Poor Abdollahi and ALireza Davoodi were both arrested in Ispahan and Tehran and are detained in unknown locations.

On the verge of the "Student Day" in Iran, in December 2007, intelligence agents had arrested 40 students affiliated with the leftist who are known to be under torture in the notorious 209 section of Evin.

More than 70 students have been arrested on 23 February 2009, during recent protests against the burial of the remains of those killed in the Iran-Iraq war in University campuses. According to Iranian student internet sites, 20 of those arrested are in Evin prison. Four of these students who had not been in the protests had already been arrestee at their homes on 24 February.
Many students had been treated in hospital because of knife wounds received from thugs and Bassidge forces .

4 other students who had been arrested for participating in a commemoration ceremony for Bazargan ( first prime minister after Shah's downfall) , had been arrested on 5 February 2009 on charges of taking part in the ceremony, and are still in Evin Prison.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

20 students under torture

According to the students commitee of Human Rights reporters, those arrested in the recent demonstration of students, protesting burial of remains of the old Iraq-Iran war dead in University compounds have been taken to the notorious Evin prison and are under torture.

The students committee of Human Rights reporters has released information indicating the aforementioned students have been put under immense pressure and torture and are not allowed to contact anyone.

Abbas Hakimzade – central committee of "Tahkim Vahdat", Mehdi Mashayekhi, Nariman Mostafavi and Ahmad Ghassaban were arrested a day after the remains of the dead were buried. There was no warrant for their arrests.

Amirkabir website, which is the students informing site has recently been threatened by unknown persons and has been hacked.

Other imprisoned students such as: Majid Tavakoli, Hossein Tarkashvand, Esmail Salmanpour and Kourosh Daneshyar have long begun a hunger strike in support of their friends.

The students were to participate in a commemoration celebration of Mr.Bazargan, when they were arrested.