Thursday, March 27, 2008

Iranian authorities deny releasing Workers movement activist

Mahmoud Salehi, a Union activist has finished his prison sentence, but Iranian authorities have refrained from releasing him.

Mahmoud Salehi is one of the founders of Workers Union guild of Khabaz city. He is also a member of the founder's board of the Iranians workers Syndicate. He was invited to discuss the 1st of May workers' rally with the Governor this March, but was arrested instead and transferred to Sanandaj prison.

His prison sentenced ended on 23 March this year, but he was given another 2 months of detention by the so called revolutionary court of Sanandaj (West of Iran).

According to his family, Mr. Salehi has begun a dry hunger strike, denying food and water, in protest to this unjust act. This is while he suffers acute kidney problems.

Three Human Right organizations and Workers syndicate have demanded the release of Mr. Salehi from the Islamic Republic authorities. Amnesty International, International Federation of transport workers, and the Free Confederation of Workers have expressed grave concern over Mr. Salehis health, who has began a hunger strike in protest of his continued detention. In this protest they have reiterated that "Mr. Salehi needs long term treatment to heal his kidneys".

On Sunday a group of workers from various cities in Iran, gathered in front of Sannadaj prison in protest of this illegal detention, and demanded Mr. Salehis' freedom.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

human conditions affiliates of Sufism in prison

Four arrested members of "ahle hagh" ; Sahandali Mohammadi, Bakhshali Mohammadi, abadollah Ghassemzadeh and Mehdi Ghassemzadeh, are bearing intolerable situation in the central Prison of Orumieh .

These people have been arrested during an arm clash between a sect known as "Atashbeigi" and the Police, near the "ouch Tapeh" village (Suburbs of Miandoab city).
They all have been sentenced to death.

It is said that these people have been severely tortured while in detention and had no right to attorney for their so called court procession.

Clashes broke out between "ahl Hagh" and police, when one member published its beliefs in a book and began distributing it. In all these clashes the police used arms to suppress the protesters. Six members of the sec were arrested in these protests including Sefaali Shiri and Soltanali Mohammadi.

Spokesman of "Asmek", committee to defend political prisoners of Azerbaiijan, said during his prison term in Mai 2004 in Chay City of Oroumieh , he had encountered two other prisoners of "AhleHagh" who told him that they were severely tortured in detention.

One detainee affiliated with "Ahlehagh" was Mehdi Ghassemzadeh, who had been injured by a shot of the police and his leg had deep infection, but was nevertheless tortured.

The affiliates of "Ahlehagh" have declared they have been under nourished in prison and therefore have become extremely weak.

They have reported of spread of Aides, hepatitis and even tuberculoses with no sanitation or even prevention for the prisoners at the moment.

Alireza Javanbakht declared that prisoners who have been arrested for their religious beliefs have been bullied and threatened by paid thugs in prison.

("Ahle hagh" groups having pro-Sufism who believe righteously in Imam Alis' principles as the basic Islamic belief because of centuries of mis-interpretations of Islam)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

10 whippings for a woman's right activist

The so called revolution Court of Iran has sentences Marzieh Mortazie Langaroodi, an activist of the gender equality movement, to six months imprisonment and 10 lashes. According to her lawyer, Faride Gheirat, the sentence has been postponed for two years so far.

Ms.Mortazie is one of 33 activists who took part in a protest in front of the Revolution Court on 3 March 2007, and who had been arrested the same day. She is the founder of the "mothers for peace".( A movement debating any use of force against the Iranian regime in the nuclear dispute)

- Six months imprisonment for a journalist

Bahman Ahmadi Amooyee was arrested while preparing a report on the womens' peaceful demonstration in HAFTE TIR Square, on 12 June. He stayed in prison for one week.

The security branch of the so called Revolution Court has accused Mr. Amooyee of endangering national security. The Court had referred to a couple of articles and statements carrying his signature, and supporting women's equal rights and their gathering on 12 June.

Details of the case of a teacher facing the gallows

Khalil Bahramian, attorney to Farzad Kamangar, the teacher who has been sentenced to death on25 February by the so called Revolution Court, has objected to the proceedings of his client's case and declared that it has no legal basis, and would probably be ruled as void of legal substance by the Higher Court.

Mr.Bahramian believes that the sentenced issued against his client has been on prejudice grounds and based on the fact that he is a Kurd.
Farzad Kamangar , is a resident of a town in the West of Iran (more Kurdish region) and is a Sunni. This fact was first mentions in Mr.Kamangar's letter, which had appeared in several Iranian sites in October 2007, in which he had stated that, when the torturers became aware of his origins and religion, they began lashing and insulting him. Things had got worse when they found a Kurdish music in his mobile and his testacles were beaten up.
The so called revolution Court has sentences Farzad Kamangar to death on charges of affiliation to PKK. His attorney argues that his client's case, according to this sentence lies outside of the Iranian jurisdiction, because the PKK is out of Iranian borders.
Mr.kamangar, has been active in defending Kurdish minority rights and women's rights.
In June 2006 he traveled to Tehran along with two other Kurd activists. It is said that traces of explosive powder and a gun were located in the house and the car they had used. Following this they were arrested.
Khalil Bahramian argues that his client has been unaware of the presence of these elements and believes that the powder has been planted on him.
The 30th Branch of the so called Revolution Court has sentenced him and his friends to death. Ali Heidarian and Farhad Vakili have also been given each a ten year sentence.