Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mother worries of imprisoned students’ state of being

Yasser Golis’ mother has expressed deep concerns over her sons’ heart situation, as she has been told by the deputy prosecutor in Sanandaj , that if Yasser dies of heart attack or even strangles himself in prison they will not accept any responsibility.
Yasser Goli , a student, had been arrested 22 days ago, in Sanandaj, west of Iran, by Intelligence Ministry agents, for unknown reasons.

Judicial Officials have told Yassers’ mother that they will keep him in prison as long as they please.

She has approached the courts a number of times to inquire about her sons’ state in vain.

Although the court has refused any contact with Yasser, his mother had seen him in court by coincidence, a couple of days ago. Apparently, Yasser was in disarray, with unfit appearance and psychological state.

Yassser Goli, former director of Democratic Students Union, had been prohibited from scholarship for his political activities.

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