Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Student commits suicide while in detention

One of the students, detained on 4 December in relation to the recent student demonstrations has apparently committed suicide and is in serious conditions. The student is unidentified but, it is known that Behrooz Karimizade , Peyman Piravan and Saiid Habibi are amongst the recent detained students and have a leftist tendency.

According to report by Freedom seeking students, the news of torture of these students in Evin Prison which is also been released by Mr.Baghi and the students attorney Nasser Zarafshan, is accredited.
The student discussed has cut his wrist and is been kept in the Revolutionary guards detention centre known as the 325 section. He has escaped death but remains in serious condition.
The Intelligence ministry of Iran has admitted arresting students who tried to participate in demonstrations on 4 December and has claimed that the students have been creating disorder and intended to topple the State illegally.
Despite the fact that the Ministry has claimed that these students had intended to enter the University premise with phony student cards, Mr. Zarafshan, their attorney has announced that his clients are all students and the University was indeed their university of study. All specifications are available to approve this, the year of their entrance, the number of tops they have passed and the period they have spent in the University, says Mr. Zarafshan.

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