Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Iranian Intelligent services torture a dissident Clergy

Mamousta Ayoub Ganji, a clergy and tutor and also Friday prayer Imam of Geba mosque, was arrested by unknown agents on 27 January 2008, and held captive. On 8 February, at 5 am, he was dropped off by an unidentified car. He was dropped off by an unidentified car in front of the Friday prayers of Sannadaj, while he could barely stand on his feet. Witnesses say that he had been severely tortured. They transferred him to hospital.

His relatives say he is extremely weak and fragile after being tortured. His psychological situation is deteriorating at the moment he can not even distinguish his wife and children. He is heard to constantly cry out about "beatings, serum, electricity" and he keeps shouting "No no…they are coming!".

According to close relatives, he has lost considerable weight, and torture signs are apparent on his face and all over his body.

Although officials of the judiciary and Intelligence Ministry have not commented on Ayoub Ganji's arrest but it appears that his detainers have been from the Intelligence Ministry.

It is said that his arrest is due to his Friday prayer' speech which had lashed out against the Government.

Ayoub Ganji had in his Friday prayers speech condemned the death of the Law student Ebrahim Lotfaollahi while in the Intelligence Ministry detention and had described it as a crime. He had also denounced the rejection of the so called "reformist candidates" for the coming Parliament elections by the Government.

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