Thursday, March 6, 2008

human conditions affiliates of Sufism in prison

Four arrested members of "ahle hagh" ; Sahandali Mohammadi, Bakhshali Mohammadi, abadollah Ghassemzadeh and Mehdi Ghassemzadeh, are bearing intolerable situation in the central Prison of Orumieh .

These people have been arrested during an arm clash between a sect known as "Atashbeigi" and the Police, near the "ouch Tapeh" village (Suburbs of Miandoab city).
They all have been sentenced to death.

It is said that these people have been severely tortured while in detention and had no right to attorney for their so called court procession.

Clashes broke out between "ahl Hagh" and police, when one member published its beliefs in a book and began distributing it. In all these clashes the police used arms to suppress the protesters. Six members of the sec were arrested in these protests including Sefaali Shiri and Soltanali Mohammadi.

Spokesman of "Asmek", committee to defend political prisoners of Azerbaiijan, said during his prison term in Mai 2004 in Chay City of Oroumieh , he had encountered two other prisoners of "AhleHagh" who told him that they were severely tortured in detention.

One detainee affiliated with "Ahlehagh" was Mehdi Ghassemzadeh, who had been injured by a shot of the police and his leg had deep infection, but was nevertheless tortured.

The affiliates of "Ahlehagh" have declared they have been under nourished in prison and therefore have become extremely weak.

They have reported of spread of Aides, hepatitis and even tuberculoses with no sanitation or even prevention for the prisoners at the moment.

Alireza Javanbakht declared that prisoners who have been arrested for their religious beliefs have been bullied and threatened by paid thugs in prison.

("Ahle hagh" groups having pro-Sufism who believe righteously in Imam Alis' principles as the basic Islamic belief because of centuries of mis-interpretations of Islam)

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This is a new example of violation of the human rights. Political prisoners have rights! Rights must be respected