Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kin of 1988 mass murdered victims arrested

Elham Yaghoubi, who has lost two of her family members in the state mass murder of more than 5000 political prisoners in 1988, has been arrested.

Ms.Yaghoubi , has been arrested on 5 April by the Intelligence Ministry agents, and accused of participating in a ceremony held in the victims' memory.

She was kept in the detention centre of the 13th district police of Tehran , then transferred to the isolated unit of the notorious Evin prison, and has been there since.

Sources close to Ms.Yaghoubi have reported that her arrest was personally ordered by "Rahmati", who has been her interrogator. They have stressed that prior to here arrest, "Rahmati" had been threatening her through telephone calls
Ms.Yaghoubi had been arrested last year too, after a similar ceremony had been held, and spent three weeks in solitary confinement in the notorious Evin prison after which she was released on bail.

She was trialed by the 1st branch of the so called revolutionary court and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.

It is reported that Ms.Yaghoubi and others arrested after her, had been tortured physically and mentally, because of their participation in this ceremony. She was charged of threatening national security.

Ms Yaghoubi is 30 years old and has lost two of her uncles (supporters of PMOI) in the massacre, when they were killed by a firing squad 20 years ago.

In November 2007, Amnesty International, condemned harassment and arrest of families of political prisoners and stated that those executions have been a crime against Humanity.

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