Thursday, June 19, 2008

A woman activist sentenced to 5 years prison

21 year old Hana Abdi, former student of PayamNoor University of Bijar , and member of women's association of AzarMerh in Kurdistan (west of Iran) has been sentenced a 5 year prison term in a remote town on the Iranian frontiers.

According to Mr.Sharif , her attorney, the so called revolutionary court has charged her with assisting a crime which was to be a threat against National Security.

The attorney has rejected the charges and reiterated that Hana Abdi's activities have not been in any way related to violence and creating terror amongst people and therefore are irrelevant.

Ana was arrested in October 2007 in Sanandaj0 west of Iran along with her colleague Ronak Safar Zadeh, by the Iranian security agents. It is reported that both activists are undergoing sever pressure and torture to confess against themselves and their friends.

Although the government has related activities of both gender apartheid activists to external political parties, but their families insist that they are and have been independent and have no relation with any political party apposing the government.

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