Saturday, August 2, 2008

Student goes on Hunger strike after family receives threats from Intelligence Ministry

According to the campaign supporting Abed Tavanche, he has begun a hunger strike on 31 July , to protest against threats made against his family by the Intelligence Ministry. Abed has been sentenced to 8 months in prison.

According to information received from the campaign, officials of the Intelligence Ministry of Arak city have been exerting much pressure on his family asking them not to approach the media and keep silence, and have sent for his sisters' husband for a hearing at the offices of the Intelligence Ministry this Tuesday. (In the usual terms this normally implies to interrogation and even arbitrary arrest).

Mr.Tavanche has in a contact made it clear that he is very serious and he shall keep to one glass of water each day till these unjust threats are stopped.

In December 2008 the Intelligence Ministry had arrested at least 40 students to prevent them from commemorating the "student day", and Mr.Tavanche was amongst those arrested. He is affiliated with the movement called "Students seeking Equality and Freedom".

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