Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Political activist abducted and under interrogation

Political activist Kourosh Ahmadi, from Karaj city, has been arrested by the Intelligence security forces on 25 August 2008 and is at the moment under interrogation and torture.

According to eye witness accounts and family members, Kourosh was beaten up and abducted near his home by plain clothed agents who appeared to be of the Intelligence Minsitry.

On the other hand some prisoners of Rajaii Shahr have asserted to have seen him in that prison.

According to their reports, Mr.Ahmadi is being held in the security section number 3, which is officially run by the Intelligence section of the RGC (known as the Sepah Pasdaran).

It is also reported that he is prohibited from all contacts with his family and is under intense interrogation and pressure.

Mr.Ahmadi has had a prior arrest in 2004 on charges of propagating against the State.

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