Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Four Student activists arrested in Tehran

Early morning of March 1st, 2009, four students affiliated with the leftist "Freedom and Equality seeking Students" movement were arrested by Intelligence Ministry agents and are reported to have been transferred to Evin prison.

The situation of these students is not yet clear but, there is concern that they will face persecution or solitary confinement.

Student committee of Human Rights Reporters has announced these students to be as follow: Sanaz Allahyari, Nassim Roshanayee, Maryam Sheikh and AmirHossein Mohammadi. This report has been confirmed by their families.

It is also reported that other students seeking freedom and democracy have also been amongst those arrested.

Prior to this purge, two other students affiliated with the same movement had been arrested in two different cities on 12 February 2009. Mohammad Poor Abdollahi and ALireza Davoodi were both arrested in Ispahan and Tehran and are detained in unknown locations.

On the verge of the "Student Day" in Iran, in December 2007, intelligence agents had arrested 40 students affiliated with the leftist who are known to be under torture in the notorious 209 section of Evin.

More than 70 students have been arrested on 23 February 2009, during recent protests against the burial of the remains of those killed in the Iran-Iraq war in University campuses. According to Iranian student internet sites, 20 of those arrested are in Evin prison. Four of these students who had not been in the protests had already been arrestee at their homes on 24 February.
Many students had been treated in hospital because of knife wounds received from thugs and Bassidge forces .

4 other students who had been arrested for participating in a commemoration ceremony for Bazargan ( first prime minister after Shah's downfall) , had been arrested on 5 February 2009 on charges of taking part in the ceremony, and are still in Evin Prison.


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