Friday, March 13, 2009

Mohammad Ehsani charged for “soft overthrowing”

Mohammad Ehsani, born in 1964, student of linguistics and member of documentary film production of Iran, has been imprisoned for the past 8 months in Evin prison. His name is the forth in a group of people who are charged with “soft overthrowing” by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Prior to this Alireza Jamshidi, Iranian judiciary spokesman had announced Alaii brothers charges to have been co-operating with the United States to topple the Islamic Republic, and had been sentenced to repeatedly six and three years imprisonment and financial penalty. He had not announced the third person charged but had referred to his sentence to have been 3 years of imprisonment.

Mohammad Eshani had been invited by Asian Association of New York and 5 other film centers in five US states, to exhibit his work in April 2005. His work was met with much enthusiasm. It is said that he was arrested unexpectedly during his wedding ceremony on 6 July 2008 in Tehran and sent to Evin prison. The same report also indicated that Mr.Ehsani has spent all his 8 month detention in solitary confinement while his situation was not mentioned by the media.

It is not clear, where and when his court has been held and if he was allowed an attorney, however he has been charged with co0operatiing with the United States for 3 years imprisonment.

IRNA state media, on 30 MAY 2008, reported the production of a film on Iranian music by Mr.Ehsani at the request of the New York Asian association, and the US Metropolitan Museum. This film was to be showed first at the inauguration of the Iranian art and culture beginning with Iranian music at its centre in New York. Reports indicate that the film was the request of sate Iranian Cultural Heritage and tourism and it was confirmed after visit of the Asian Associations delegation and US Metropolitan Museum to Iran.

It appears that the formal cultural transactions made under the supervision of the President had been part of charges of “soft overthrow brought onto Mr. Ehsani


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He had not announced the third person charged but had referred to his sentence to have been 3 years of imprisonment.

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However he has been charged with co0operatiing with the United States for 3 years imprisonment.

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This film was to be showed first at the inauguration of the Iranian art and culture beginning with Iranian music at its centre in New York.

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