Friday, May 15, 2009

Deplorable situation of arrested workers' activists

According to Pegah Farajollahi, her mother Mrs.Mohseni and 15 other activists, who was arrested along with 100 workers during the 1st May International Workers' Day re-union in Tehran, have been kept in quarantine.

"I don't exactly know how many have been arrested, but I do know that she and others have been kept in a ward called "Motadun" (druggies) in which drug addicts are being detained' has sated Pegah.

According to Pegah , her mother has been allowed only once to contact her. "It is now a week that she is suffering insomnia. I only know that her ear had swollen0up just like an egg and I just don't know the reason. She could not move her head. They have not even allowed her to use her medication" adds Pegah.

Despite the fact that it is now 11 days since Mrs.Mohseni and the rest have been arrested for attempting to assemble to commemorate the International Day for Workers, but they have not been allowed visits by lawyers and relatives.

According to Pegah, her mother and the rest have been accused of threatening National security and creating public disorder, despite the fact that there was no chance to venerate the day because of extreme suppressive measures.

More than 100 people were arrested in the congregation on May 1, 2009, in Laleh Park. Those arrested were Workers Union leaders, journalists and civil rights activists.

Since their arrest, each day, their families have been approaching the Revolutionary Courts and also the prisons demanding their release and an end to impossible heavy bail conditions.