Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kurdish Journalist sentenced to one year imprisonment

Aso Saleh , a Kurdish journalist has received a one year prison sentence from the first branch of Sanandaj “Revolutionary Court”.
The sentence was communicated to Mr. Salehs’ father verbally while he was warned that if his son did not turn himself in to the court in two days time, his bail would be confiscated.

Aso Saleh is a member of the writers’ guild of the Kurdish –Persian weekly “Didgah”, who had previously been arrested during the International women’s day congregation while preparing a report.
He was later released through Bail and has now escaped Iran.

There are still six known Kurdish journalists still in captivity:
- eJlal Ghavami
- Mohammd Sedigh Kaboodvand
- Adnan Hassan pour
- Hoia Boutimar
- Kaveh Javanmard
- Ako Kordnasab

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