Sunday, August 19, 2007

Latest news over the situation of imprisoned Students

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has prevented any contact between Ahmad Ghassaban and his family.

This has increased concern over Ghassabans situation amongst his friends and family. This was due to the fact that last week he was under tremendous pressure and torture to take part in a televised confession over things he did not act.

The Intelligence Ministry had worked to break his moral.
The interrogation team supervising Ghassabans torture had threatened to take him back to solitary confinement if he did not confess.

In a separate news, the 5 students from Amir Kabir who had been released earlier on, and had experienced torture in 209 Evin prison section, wrote a letter to 3 NGO's defending political prisoners rights, and appealed for support .They asked that the NGO's would take necessary steps to condemn Torture used on them and the remaining imprisoned students.
"We had been tortured in 209 Evin prison sections, to confess on acts we did not commit" the students had written.

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