Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Iranian-American student released though bail

Esha Momeni Iranian-American student who had returned to Iran to complete her thesis involving a film documentary on women's situation -arrested on 15 October 2008-, has been released on a 198000 dollar bail from Evin prison.

According to Reza Momeni, his father, Esha is not allowed to leave Iran and has to be present in a political court hearing on charges of "acting against national security and propagating against the government".

These charges are heavy enough to have her sentenced to a life prison term.

Mr. Momeni says her daughter has lost eight kilos under stress and difficult situation in prison but is generally in a moderate situation. He emphasized that his family house has been taken ransom for Esha's bail while she is waiting to confront the judge on Tuesday to be clarified on the future process of her case. He was hopeful that her daughter would soon leave Iran for Los Angeles.

Esha was arrested by the traffic police in Tehran for driving errors but was followed to her house, arrested and her belongings searched and confiscated.

Miss Momeni had only ten weeks left to finish her course in the US, and had traveled to Tehran to complete her thesis using a documentary over women activists' campaign collecting the 1 million petition in support of Women's Rights in Iran.

Two other Iranian-Americans are now in prison, charged with "acting against National Security". Arash Alaei an Kamyar Alaei , two brothers have long been specialists working on the elimination of aids in Iran. They have also been held by the Intelligence agents in 209 of Evin prison.

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