Friday, November 7, 2008

Student activist condemned for 15 years imprisonment

Second Branch of the revolutionary courts of Sanandaj (Iranian Kurdistan) has sentenced Yasser Goli to 15 years prison term in exile.

"The sentence ordered by the court is only 10 lines! This court order which is supposed to be based on article 168 of the Islamic penal code has no reference on any evidence provided against my client Yasser Goli. My client has in none of his interrogations, let alone in the court sessions held against him, confessed against himself" Reiterates attorney Nemat Ahmadi.

According to Human Rights defense organization in Kurdistan (Iran), while rejecting all charges against his client of being affiliated to opposition Kurdish groups Mr.Ahmadi said: "Unfortunately there is a plot here to handicap Kurdish writers and give them guns and send them off for battle in the mountains". Mr.AHmadi continues" I see no logic in labeling civil activists as supporters of political parties, while there is no proof supporting this claim, and no crime committed to prove this and no pretext for the prison term".

Mr. Ahmadi refered to Yasser Golis' high marks in the national University exams said " Is it just to label such highly enthusiastic youth of our nation and dispose of them in different corners and prisons of our land and waste them, instead of encouraging them? What lies ahead for such youth, after they spend 15 years of their best and ripe years behind bars?".

Dr.Ahmadi adds; "I shall put on trial all judicial conscience with regards to this court decision". He then reiterated a point for the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Intelligence and said "As a jurist, I am not against clarifying crimes, but I like to ask Mr. Shahroodi and Mr. Ejei both with practical experiences in both domains, specially that the agent who has been directly involved in fabricating the case against my client has been a direct employee of Mr.Ejei ,to call my clients case from the Sanandaj tribunal and review it with a righteous conscience, the true Islamic and judicial values , so that the innocence of my client be revealed".

Yasser Goli is the first secretary of the Kurdish Student union of Iranian Universities and a civil activist in Sanandaj. It is now 13 months since Yasser has been arrested and imprisoned by the Intelligence of Sanandaj.

According to Dr. Nemat Ahmadi, he has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

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