Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ronak Safazadeh Sentenced to 6 Years Mandatory Prison

Change for Equality: The sentence of Ronak Safazadeh, women’s rights activist, was issued to Mr. Mohammad Sharif, her defense lawyer. According to the ruling of the court, Ronak Safazadeh has been sentenced to serve 6 years in prison. The courts acquitted Ronak, on the charge of enmity with god, of which she was accused in this case. Dr. Sharif, the lawyer representing Ronak intends to object to the ruling by the court.

Dr. Sharif explained further: “my client was acquitted on the charge of enmity with god, but on the issue of membership in Pejak, and in reference to Article 499 of the Penal Code, she was sentenced to 5 years mandatory prison sentence and with respect to spreading of propaganda against the state and in favor of Pejak she was sentenced to one year mandatory prison sentence. In accordance with the Articles in the Penal Code relating to the charges against her, my client will be serving her prison term in the city where the crime was committed, meaning Sanandaj. Clearly given the nature of this case, I will object to the ruling of the court, so that the appeals court can make the final ruling in the case pending against my client.”

With respect to Ronak’s membership in the political opposition group Pejak, Mohammad Sharif had the following to add: “the activities of my client were limited to activities within the Azar Mehr Women’s NGO, and so her activities in Pejak were carried out toward this end as well. My client aimed to research “the reasons for women’s participation in Pejak under difficult conditions.” We hope that the appeals court will take into consideration the fact that my client’s activities were limited to the women’s movement and examination of women’s issues in this relation and overturn the sentence issued in this case.”

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