Thursday, April 23, 2009

Student under critical condition in 209 Evin

Esmaiil Salmanpour, member of Student association of Amirkabir University, who was arrested on 6 February 2009 for participating in Bazargan's commemoration day ceremony with unspecific reasons, has been transferred to Evin clinic because of extreme physical conditions.

Human Right activists have reported that Mr. Salmanpour has had unusual weight loss, his hair was shaved and he did not seem to be physiologically apt. According to this report, the reason for the loss of weight is not clear, since this student has been kept in solitary confinement , under intense interrogation, all during his detention and while he was on hunger strike for several days.

He has not been allowed any visits by family or attorney so far. He is kept in incommunicado with the outside world as an extra method of pressure, known as the white torture.

Apart from Esmaiil Salmanpour, 8 other Amirkabir University students are under detention and extreme pressure in solitary confinement of 209 Evin prison, namely: Majid Tavakoli, Hossein Tarkoshvand, Kourosh Daneshyar, Ahmad Ghassaban, Nariaman Mostafavi, Mehdi Mashayekhi, Yasser Torkaman, Abbas Hakimzadeh.