Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Amir Kabir University Students have been Sentenced to Imprisonment

After the review of the case of the three Amir Kabir University Students for the second time, the sentences for Mr. Majid Tavakoli, Mr. Ahmad Ghasaban and Mr. Ehsan Mansouri has been announced.

Mr. Tavakoli has been sentenced to three (3) years, Mr. Ghasaban to two and a half (2.5) years and Mr. Mansouri to two (2) years imprisonment.

Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadbakhsh, the defence lawyer for Mr. Tavakoli, Mr. Ghasaban and Mr. Mansouri has stated that his clients have not accepted any of the charges laid against them, and do not accept their sentences.

Mr. Dadbakhsh has stated that he will be appealing the convictions and the sentences.

Mr. Ghasaban, Mr. Mansouri and Mr. Tavakoli were arrested in May of 2007 after the publication of certain articles in the Amir Kabir Student Paper, which insulted Islam and the Leader of the Revolution. Above named students were falsely accused of publishing these articles.

These students have denied having published these articles before their arrest and imprisonment; however after their arrest the interrogators were able to obtain false confessions from these students through brutal torture.

Mr. Tavakoli, Mr. Ghasaban and Mr. Mansouri were transferred to the public ward of the Evin Prison after spending four (4) months in solitary confinement.

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