Friday, October 12, 2007

The Torture of an Iranian Teacher in the Ministry of Intelligence Prison

The life of a teacher named Farzad Kamangar who was arrested in May of 2006 for unknown reasons, and is currently in a Ministry of Intelligence Prison is in danger.

According to the Krudish Human Rights Organization in Iran Mr. Kamangar was arrested by the Intelligence Ministry 14 months ago, along with two of his friends Mr. Ali Heydariyan and Mr. Farhad Vakili in the city of Sanandaj.

Mr. Kamangar’s family was not aware of his whereabouts for four (4) months. After four months they found out that Mr. Kamangar was imprisoned in Section 209 of the Evin Prison which is under the direct control of Intelligence Ministry.

Human Rights Activists have reported that Mr. Kamangar was in Section 209 of the Evin Prison, in solitary confinement and under physical and psychological torture.

According to news from Human Rights Activists in Kurdistan of Iran he has suffered from serious burns on his left leg and arm as a result of torture, involving pouring hot water over his body, kidney problems as well as infection.

On his seventh month of imprisonment Mr. Kamangar was allowed to visit with his mother and brother. Security guards were present in the room during the visit and they were ordered to speak only in Farsi.

Mr. Khalil Bahramiyan a well known defence lawyer in Tehran has taken up Mr. Kamangar’s case; however after 14 months he has still not been able to meet with Mr. Kamangar.

In the past 14 months no charges have been laid against Mr. Kamangar and no trial date has been set. He is still in pre-trial custody. The amount of pre-trial custody is set by the Judge of the Revolutionary courts and it is possible that he may remain in pre-trial custody for another year.

The courts have not laid any formal charges against Mr. Kamangar however it is said that he will be charged with acting against national security.

Before his arrest Mr. Kamangar resided in the city of Kamyaran. He is a teacher who for the past 5 years had been teaching in small towns and villages around the city of Kamyaran.

The family of Mr. Kamangar are very much concerned about the health, well being and safety of Mr. Kamangar. They have urged international human rights organizations to follow up on Mr. Kamangar’s situation and to help save his life and to further urge the Judge dealing with his case to allow for his medical treatment.

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