Friday, October 19, 2007

Secret hearing of a dissident reformist clergy

Hadi Ghabel, a reformist clergy, who had been arrested five weeks ago, informed his family, in a telephone contact, that he had been secretly trial twice by the special public prosecutor for clergy, which is situated in Quom, on 16 October, without the presence of an attorney.

According to his son Rohollah Ghabel , the government appointed attorney was not present because he was away.

Mr.Ghabels’ relatives believe that due to the fact that his case is considered politically sensitive, and that his charges are mainly political, his hearing was carried out without the presence of an attorney in two sessions for 3 days.

Mr.Ghabel had been arrested at his home on 12 September, by the security forces of the special Clergy Courts in Quom.
At the time of his arrest the security guards had pretended to pose religious questions but confiscated all Mr.Ghabels’ writings, computer and belongings.

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