Thursday, October 23, 2008

17 years imprisonment for ceremony

According to Amirkabir news site, political activist, Mr. Mohammad Ali Mansouri has been sentence 17 years prison and exile to Gohardasht prison, for having participated in a ceremony marking the great massacre of more than 5000 political prisoners in 1988 by Khomeini's orders.

Mr. Mansouri was arrested in September 2007, at his home. This arrest was only three days after the memorial held in remembrance of the massacred political prisoners. In the attack, his belongings were confiscated, his house searched and Mr. Mansoori was scuffled and transferred to the notorious 209 solitary confinement.

It is unclear, how ever, why the Intelligence Ministry has removed the first applied charges against him, which entailed his participation in the mentioned memorial services, and later charged under other pretexts.

During the six month of his detention, Mr. Mansouri had spent four months in the notorious 209 Evin section and in solitary confinement. According to family members and eyewitnesses he has been subjected to violence during his detention.

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