Saturday, October 11, 2008

Baghi is freed

The one year prison sentence of Emadeddin Baghi, a renown Human Right activist has officially terminated .

Mr. Baghi approached the First Branch of the prosecutor on 14 October 2007, to account for his accusations regarding activities in defense of freedom of press, when he was arrested.

He had protested his deteriorating conditions in the 209 Evin sections, where he was kept in complete isolation by the Intelligence Ministry. He suffered two heart attacks and was transferred to public ward and later to Hospital and eventually was allowed temporary leave for his health conditions.

During his leaf, Mr.Baghi was interrogated 5 times, for which he was transferred to and from Evin. Despite his Doctors' prescription which emphasized on his deteriorating heart condition and suggested a peaceful atmosphere for his recovery, he was again transferred to solitary confinement in 209 Evin. This prompted much protest.

His wife, in the meantime printed an open letter addressed to the Public prosecutor, protesting to 24 restrictions imposed on his husband. In this letter she had also pointed out that Mr. Baghis' family members were also called by the prosecutors' office at least 77 times during his detention.
Although confiding prisoners strictly to solitary confinement and blindfolding them are supposedly illegal, Mr. Baghi had claimed, he was not allowed to leave his cell for 4 days, not even for the bathroom, which lead to severe kidney disorders later on.

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