Saturday, October 25, 2008

9 years prison sentence for two Isfahan University students

Jamal Rahmani of the industry faculty and Rashed Abdollahi of the political science faculty of Isfahan University were arrested on 12 June 2008 by the security guards in Isfahan. They were first taken to Kermanshah security centre and later transferred to Sanandaj prison centre (Situated in the western Kurdish region of Iran).

They have been put on trial by Judge "Tiary" and charged for having contacts with Kurdish opposition groups.

Kamal Rahmani has been sentenced to 6 years conditional imprisonment and exile to Izeh prison in a small village.

Mr.Abdollahi has also been sentenced to exile, but in a separate district of Masjid Soleiman, along with 3 years conditional imprisonment.

Relatives to the two students have reported that both have been subjected to torture and psychological pressure while under interrogation.


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