Thursday, January 3, 2008

5 Civil Rights activists tortured in detention

Families of Saeed Matinpour, writer and active human right journalist- Alireza Matin pour, Human right activist-Behrouz Saffari, Civil Right activist- Jalil Ganilou, journalist – Leila Heydari, Civil Right activist, have collectively expressed concern saying that their beloved ones are under physical and mental while in torture in detention.

The committee in defense of political prisoners of Iranian Azerbaijan, has expressed deep concerns in this relation. According to Leila Heidary's family , she and her husband have been tortured in front of one another while in prison.

The five have not received any official charges yet, but according to Alireza javanbakht, spokesman of the committee in defence of political prisoners of Iranian Azerbaijan , has explained that they are being held for acting against the States' security. They have not yet been allowed an barrister.

Mohammad reza Faghihi, who represents Saeed Matinpour, has approached the court for permission to see his client , but it was refused. According to families of the five detainees, they have been under constant torture in the detention centre of the Intelligence Ministry of " Zanjan", and the notorious Evin prison section 209. Under barbaric physical and psychological torture, they have passed out a lot of times and brought back to be yet tortured after temporary treatment in a hospital.

Saeed Matinpours' wife, Atieh Taheri has announced that her husband has been tortured to conduct TV broadcasting confessions against himself.

Saeed Matinpour was arrested along with his wife on May 25th 2007. He was a journalist at the " Yarpagh" Newspaper which was published in Azeri language.

Mr. Matinpours' arrest is believed to be for participating in a peaceful demonstration for the "International mother- tongue day" which is officially recognized by the United Nations.

The International organization in defense for the freedom of speech and press, recently condemned Iran for having imprisoned the largest number of journalists of its media in the whole Middle East. This organization declared "Many of the journalists have been scarified as a result of the crackdowns against the media by the Iranian government. They have been forced to appear in court and answer to allegations without any proof and become the elementary respondent."


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