Thursday, January 24, 2008

Legal attorney prevented from visiting arrested students

Saiid Habibis attorney, one of the arrested students in Iran, announced that he and Saiid's family have been prevented from visiting him in prison.

Mr. Mohammd Sharifi the legal attorney to the Habibi's family while expressing deep concern over the situation of the released students of the previous wave of arrests, declared that he had discussed the situation of his clients with the security interrogator of the prosecutors office.
In the prosecutors office he was warned that he was not to visit his clients: Saiid Habibi and Behnam DarayeeZadeh till the end of preliminary investigations.
On the other hand the prosecutors' office has maintained heavy bail for the arrested students of the recent unrests, ranging from 30 to 100 million Tomans (108000 $). Anooshe Azadbar, Ilnaz Jamshidi, Nassim Soltanbeigi, Mohsen Ghamin, Milad Omrani are among students who have been ordered bail.

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