Thursday, January 17, 2008

At least 9 more students arrested

9 Student activists of the Tehrena Universities have been arrested . The nine are known to be:
- Morteza Eslahchi
-Anahita Hosseini
- Soroush Sabeti
- Mohammad Pourabdollah
- Sanaz Allahyari
- Amin Gazaei
- Soroush Dashtestani
- Bita Samimizad

Families of these students have declared that their beloved ones have not been in touch since the afternoon of 14 January and their mobile phones have been switched off. Amin GazaiiI and Soroush Dashtestani families have been approached by Intelligence Ministry agents who have searched their homes on 15 January; one day after the 9 had disappeared.

Apparently all detainees have been transferred to Evin Prison and there is no report on their conditions.

The latest arrests have raised the number of detained students after the recent demonstrations to at least 60 so far. On 4 December 30 students with leftist affiliations were arrested and taken to 209 Evin Prison.

According to student sources, Amir Mehrzad, a college student , who was arrested on charges of attempting to organize a demonstration in commemoration of the "Students Day" has been accorded a 80 million toman bail.(This amounts to 86 600 dollars) He has so far endured 45 days of solitary confinement in the 209 Evin Prison section. Mehrzad family has confirmed the news.

On 14 January, some of the families of the arrested students approached the notorious Evin prison and after several unsuccessful trials, finally met their beloved ones. The following detained students managed to see their families.

Keyvan Amiri Elyassi, Ali Salem, Nassim SoltanBeigi, Mohesen Gamin, Behrouz Karimizadeh, Ilnaz Jamshidi, Rouzbeh Safshekan, Anoushe Azadbar, Ali Kalaii.

According to information obtained during this visit, some of the detainees have been moved to mixed cells since 2 days ago, but others are still in solitary confinement.

The Intelligence Ministry has told families of Mehdi Geraylou and Sohrab Karimi that their sons are not allowed to have visits. Another student Saiid Habibi is also denies visits.

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