Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pressuring arrested students for fake confessions

Some of the students, who have managed to release themselves with bail, have declared that student activists are under heavy pressure to stage fake confession against themselves and their friends.

It is reported that the interrogators of the Intelligence ministry are trying to force the students confess they are in contact with opposition groups out side Iran.

On 4 December, thirty student activists affiliated with Marxist ideas, were arrested and transferred to Evin prison. They intended to organize meetings to commemorate the student day in Iran. In the past weeks, another two students have been arrested.

It is reported that these students have been tortured. According to the family of Behrouz Karimi zadeh, a former Tehran University student, his right hand had deep scars from his wrist to his elbow. Another detainee, Peyman Piran, has had his shoulder broken.

In the past days, eight students' have paid bail and released temporarily from prison and the rest of the students are still under interrogation.

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