Thursday, May 8, 2008

A critic and writer detained in 209

Reports suggest that, Ahmad Daneshpazir, a government critic and writer, who was arrested on 11 February at his house, has been detained in the notorious 209 section of Evin prison.

He was allowed only one visit with his family, in which he informed them that his interrogation had been finished and his case had been conveyed to the so called court.

His charges are not clear, but it seems that they may be related to several articles written under a fictitious name "Alef Bigharar" and printed on his behalf.

Following Mr.Daneshpazir's arrest, Intelligent Ministry agents also arrested his son Damoon Daneshpazir, and transferred him to solitary confinement of 209 sections. Damoon bailed out after 8 days of solitary confinement. The so called court had charged him with propagating against the State.

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Mansoor Hassan as investigative Journalist said...

shame for the government,which is an islamic government, though islam gives freedom of speech,