Saturday, May 17, 2008

Death of a political prisoner in Western Iran

A Kurdish political activist, Kaveh Azizpour has dies in a hospital in west Iran, after undergoing a double operation, on 16 May 2008. He was reported top have been severely tortured in a so called detention centre.

His relatives have reported that Mr.Azizpour had more than a dozen heart attacks while being interrogated by the Intelligence Ministry agents, and had been unconscious in the hospital for 20 days.

Assad Azizpour , the victims brother has reported that the last operation was carried on his brothers brain because of an attack in which he went into a coma. Evidently Mr.Azizpour was dragged out of hospital by the Ministry agents immediately 48 hours after the operation, while ignoring the medical staff's warnings about Mr.Azizpours situation, only to be interrogated once again.

Assad Azizpour insisted that, the doctors had made it clear to the authorities that any transfer of Kaveh Azizpour , before his 2 month period of rehabilitation, would be fatal for him.

Mr.Aizizpours charges are said to be: collaboration with a Kurdish dissident group.

Prior to this, 25 year old Kaveh, had been arrested in January 2006, in connection with dissident Kurdish groups, by the Mahabad Intelligence Offices and had been imprisoned.

In January 2006, the Organization in defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan, had announced that Kaveh Azizpour and his brother, Assad Azizpour had been arrested in a clash between habitants of the "Daryass" village in Mahabad and government forces, West of Iran.

In January 2008, a Law faculty student; Ebrahim Lotfollahi, had been killed mysteriously while in custody of the Intelligence Ministry agents in Western Iran. In a postmortem, it was reported that Mr.Lotfollahi's skull had been crushed and his nose broken.

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