Thursday, May 22, 2008

Political prisoner double trialed for "insulting Islamic scared s"

Hamidreza Mohammadi, who has been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment by the 13th Branch of the so called revolutionary courts on 20 June 2006 , is sentenced to another 5 years.

His second court was held to prosecute him on charges of "insulting Islamic sacreds" for an extra 5 year imprisonment.

Mr.Mohammadi was charged to have stamped the word "Invalidated", on all pages of the 7 editions of the Koran and having sent them to Islamic institutes.

Prior to this, Mr.Mohammadi had been charged with membership in a group called the Iranian kingship association for 6 years imprisonment.

Mr. Mohammadi declares that he has been charged and sentenced twice for one case, without the presence of a lawyer.

In the begging of his arrest he had spent 6 months in the 209 section and then was transferred to the public ward of Evin prison. Government agents had arrested his family at the time of his arrest.

Mr.Mohammadi has committed suicide twice, not withstanding psychological and physical pressures in 209.

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Azarmehr said...

begging of his arrest or beginning of his arrest?