Thursday, May 15, 2008

Escalating mistreatment of political prisoners

14 May , Rajaii shahr prison near Karaj: Reports coming from political prisoners in that prison suggest that , Ali Heydarian, affiliated with a dissident Kurdish group has been fatally wounded by security guards of the prison.

The 30th branch of the so called revolutionary court has in an arbitrary court ruling charged Mr. Heydarian of co-operating with the Kurdish labor party (PKK).

He was refrained from using the prison clinic, but after a protest displayed by other prisoners insisting on his devastating physical condition, he was moved to the local health office of the prison and looked at.

Prior to this, there were reports of abuse committed by one official of RajaiiShahr prison called "Torabi", who had harassed, threatened and insulted Mr.Heydarian and Farzad Kamangar. Both of which have been sentenced to Death by the so called revolutionary court.

It must be highlighted that, political prisoners are intentionally being kept and mixed with criminals in Rajaii Shahr, in order to crush their resistance.

Dangerous criminals are used as proxies by prison officials to carry out certain missions in the wards. They are mostly used to harass, beat-up and threaten political prisoners.

Prior to this, a number of prisoners had revealed in a letter smuggled out of prison, that they fear their death and have no security in RajaiiShahr prison of Karaj.

Saiid Shah Ghale who is affiliated with the People's Mojahedin organization of Iran (PMOI) has been transferred to a prison in Southern Iran.

Prior to this, two other political prisoners with similar background, Hashem Shahinnia and Amirkhizi have been transferred to BandarAbas and GoharDasht (RajaiiShahr) prisons.

Political prisoners believe that transferring prisoners to specific locations such as RajaiiShahr or the Southern provincial prisons, is a tactic used by the Intelligence Ministry to maximize pressure on the mentioned prisoners.

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