Tuesday, September 18, 2007

6 Human right activists in solitary confinement

The six activists have been arrested in Firouzkuh, Sanandaj, and Tehran simultaneously by the Intelligence ministry on Sunday 9 September.

Abbas Khorsandi, Meisam Rudaki, Bahram Rasekhifar, Sepideh Pouraghaei, Mansour Faraji and Ghassem Shirzadian have been arrested and held in solitary confinement in 209 Evin prison.

Sepideh Pouraghai a graduate of languages is a journalist and has been previously detained for participating in student protests.

Intelligence Ministry agents attacked Ms.Pouraghaeis house on Sunday and arbitrarily transferred her, with some personal belongings, to Evin prison.

Ghassem Shirzadian, a close friend of Ms. Pouraghaei, was arrested the same day.
He is a weblogger and has just graduated.

Abbas Khorsandi was also arrested in his house in Firouzkuh.
He had been previously arrested 3 years ago on charges of conspiracy against the government, and had been kept in 209 Evin prison for a month, before he was released on bail.

Families of the detainees have tried very hard to verify the situation of their beloved ones but in vain.

The “revolutionary courts” have not announced any charges with regards to the detainees, although some families have approached the Evin prison authorities searching for results, but have been turned back.

Prison authorities have told the families that they have no traces of the missing persons.

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