Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kian Tajbakhsh will be freed soon

Iranian judiciary announced that Kian Tajbakhsh would be released soon. Mr Tajbakhs – the Iranian –American researcher, who had been detained in the 209 prison 122 days ago, would be freed through bail soon.

The news was disclosed after a visit by International media to his quarters in Evin prison. Mr. Tajbakhs has told the reporters that he has been kept in solitary confinement but is satisfied of the prison conditions and is waiting to be released soon.
His visit with International reporters in the notorious Evin prison seems to have been an orchestrated theatre.
The announcement came after Mr.tajbakhsh had asserted his good health in front of the media.

Reporters, who had interviewed Mr.tajbakhsh in Evin, were not allowed to talk to Ali shakeri- another Iranian –American researcher accused of conspiring to topple the regime. He is kept in the security section of Evin prison.

It appears that Mr. tajbakhsh early release is related to the recent trip by the High Commissioner on Human rights of the UN, and also Mr. Haleh Esfandiaris’ comments after retuning to the US.

It is imperative to note that, whilst Mrs Esfandiari and Mr.Tajbakhsh have announced conditions in Evin prison as pleasing, many dissident students only released from 209 section of the same prison and families of imprisoned political prisoners have in an open letter and in a visit with the Head of the Judiciary in Iran, testified to torture and harsh treatment of their friends and beloved ones.

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