Friday, September 28, 2007

Dr.Keyvan Ansari freed

After enduring one year in 209 Evin prison, Dr. Ansari was freed on 26 September.
Dr. Ansari is former member of Graduate Association and the Students Union of Amir Kabir University.

The Intelligence Ministry arrested Mr. Ansari and two of his colleagues, Saeid Derakhshandi , and Abolfazl Jahandar in September 2006 and attacked the offices of the Associations .

The three students have been charged with; founding an illegal group, teaching to take control of government media, having confidential emails, and insulting high ranking government officials.

The 6th branch of the “revolutionary court” sentenced Keyvan ansari for 3 years and six months, Saeid Derakhshandi for 3 years and Pouya Jahandar for 2 years and six months imprisonment.

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