Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Families of long time arrested Amirkabir students meet their beloved ones

Ahmad Ghassaban, Majid Tavakoli, Ehsan Mansouri, who have been detained for at least 3 weeks in solitary confinement supervised under auspices of the notorious Hassan Zare Dehnavi- Tehran chief Prosecutor, have finally met their families.

Families who net their beloved said that their meeting on the 3rd September was supervised in the presence of an interrogator. Their sons had been told not to talk about prison conditions in 209 Evin section.

These families have also said that their beloved ones have been transferred to solitary confinement, after their letter was published, revealing horrific prison conditions.
All three had begun a hunger strike immediately after being transferred to the cells.

Ahmad Ghassabans’ family said their son was extremely nervous and hyper tensioned in the meeting and had lost considerable weight.

In a separate report, it is said that judge Haddad from the prosecutors office- had called all three families to his office to warn them against any contacts with the High commissioner , Mrs. Louise Arbour, who was at the time in Tehran, attending the so called “ Human rights conference “ of the non aligned in Iran.

As the fathers of the families were in judge Haddad’ office being told what to do, the mothers of the arrested students along with a number of other political prisoners’ families had gathered in front of the UN building in Tehran to see the High commissioner. The families were brutally beaten up and dispersed by the Interior Ministry security forces,

Accoring to Shirin Ebadi, who had managed to see the commissioner in the UN offices, Mrs. Arbour had been very alarmed by the treatment families had received from the security forces. She had taken down names of these families and promised to talk to Iranian officials about the incident and follow the situation through her offices in Geneva.

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