Saturday, September 8, 2007

No news of a woman activist

According to a report released in the weblog of Advocates of Human Rights in Azerbaijan, there is yet no news of Ms. Shahnaz Gholami, a woman activist who had been arrested on the 21 August 2007, by the Intelligence Ministry of Iran.

The last information about Ms.Gholami, was her contact with her friends in which she had expressed concern over a telephone contact by the Intelligence Ministry that had summoned her to be interrogated. In her contact with friends, she had said that this verbal summoning was irrelevant and illegal and that she had refused to attend.

She had received verbal threats in the telephone conversation made by the Ministry.
Shahnaz Gholami is a member of the Womans’ Journalist Association (ROSA) and had recently begun a weblog defending womans’ rights.

Ensaf ali Hedayat, an Iranian journalist in Toronto, has written in an article that Ms. Gholami had been arrested in 1977 after the revolution and sentenced to death by hanging. She had been in prison for four years and had been tortured.

Her arrest has not yet been confirmed by any official State news media.

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